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The Asia Pacific region is geographically immense and culturally, economically and politically diverse. Many countries in the region are experiencing explosive economic growth. As the Asia Pacific region rises so does its importance to the global pharmaceutical, device and life sciences sectors.

The life sciences industry in Asia Pacific has been growing at breakneck speed. The law and regulations surrounding the industry, as well as industry codes of practice, have been increasing exponentially. Certainty and consistency in the application of these new laws, regulation and codes, so important to efficient business practices, has been uneven. These developments challenge companies to adapt, change and evolve faster to be able to respond with new internal processes and behaviors. The UK Bribery Act joins the FCPA and various Asia Pacific anti-corruption laws now applicable to business in the region. There has also recently been intense regulatory enforcement focus on the industry by various Asian governments in order to create a more transparent environment and provide consistent guidelines to HCPs and companies on how to interact without having unduly influence. These investigations and enforcement actions present increasing risks for many companies and HCPs which are still trying to find their footing in this complex and booming region.

In 2012 the Congress comes to China. The booming Chinese pharmaceutical market is set to overtake Japan as the second largest in the world by 2014. The Congress will focus on the special regulatory and compliance concerns for pharmaceutical companies doing business in China.

The Congress will present a rare opportunity for legal, finance, business and compliance professionals to come together to learn from peers and respected experts, to explore leading edge practical approaches to help manage these massive challenges, and to discuss best practices.

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
  • Generic Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
  • Site Management Organizations
  • Clinical Research Organizations
  • Management Companies
  • Wholesale, Retail, Mail Order and Internet Pharmacies
  • Health Care Regulators and Policy Makers
  • Pharmaceutical and Health Care Professionals
  • Executives and Board Members
  • Regulatory and Compliance Professionals
  • Medical Directors
  • Physicians
  • Pharmacists
  • Food and Drug Law Attorneys
  • Health Care Attorneys
  • In-house Counsel
  • Compliance Officers
  • Privacy Officers
  • Ethics Officers and Corporate Social Responsibility Personnel
  • Pharmaceutical Consultants
  • Investment Bankers
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Health Services Researchers and Academics
  • Auditors
  • Promotion Signatories/Approvers
  • Risk Management Personnel

The Pharmaceutical Compliance Forum (PCF) is a coalition of senior compliance professionals and legal counsel from more than 50 of the largest research-based pharmaceutical manufacturers. The PCF was founded in early-1999 by compliance professionals from the pharmaceutical industry to promote effective corporate compliance programs. www.pharmacomplianceforum.org

The Asia Pacific Healthcare Industry Compliance Team is an ad hoc, voluntary group of Asia Pacific pharmaceutical, medical device and other life sciences company compliance professionals and legal counsel who meet quarterly to discuss legal and compliance issues and best practices.

Overview | Agenda/Faculty Materials | Agenda at-a-Glance (Chinese) | Webcast Log In | Promotional Opportunities
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